City tears man's home down by mistake

City tears man's home down by mistake

This has got to be the most classic example of miscommunication out there...

Wooden planks on the floor of house during demolition
Wooden planks on the floor of house during demolition/Pexels/@Monica Silvestre

Being a home owner comes with a set of pros and cons.

For the most part, it is said to be a momentous occasion. 

A time to be excited, because if anything it is considered an accomplishment when you become a homeowner. 

Sadly, this was not the case for a man in Atlanta named Everett Tripodis. 

After purchasing the century-old home with his mom as an investment, things quickly went south when it was demolished without any notice as to why. 

The City of Atlanta demolished the property as they said it was "uninhabitable". But Tripodis did not receive any communication of this notice to demolish. 

It was later revealed that the city had sent out communications of their plans, but it was sent to the incorrect address. 

And now as if knocking down his house wasn't bad enough, they are knocking him down with a lawsuit. 

"The city of Atlanta is now suing the owner of the property and threatening to foreclose on the empty land unless he covers the cost of the demolition, $68,000." (Oddity Central)

That's over R1.2-million in our currency. 

Tripodis is shocked and mortified that the city could make such a mistake in sending the notice to the incorrect address and then proceed to tear down his home. 

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“After you air the story, after everyone sees it, instead of them fixing the problem, they double down and do it again,” the man added. “It’s like after the slap comes the spit in my face. I’m just frustrated.” (Oddity Central)

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