Childhood friend of Ivanka Trump writes revealing essay for Vanity Fair

Childhood friend of Ivanka Trump writes revealing essay for Vanity Fair

Have you ever exposed your BFF's terrible tendencies to the whole world?

Lysandra Ohrstrom Ivanka Trump

Allegedly, Ivanka Trump was the epitome of a mean girl when she was younger.

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We would probably never have known, had it not been for one of her very best friends, Lysandra Ohrstrom, who decided to write a very exposing piece for Vanity Fair.

The piece, 'Ivanka Trump Was My Best Friend, Now She's MAGA Royalty', has grabbed the attention of many by revealing some really scathing information about Trump.

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Ohrstrom recalls racist remarks, Ivanka's distaste for anything "poor"-related, and her just being unpleasant and mean in general.

Although Ohrstrom was the maid-of-honour at her wedding, she said they grew apart due to their different views on social issues.


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Although many people are a bit confused by the timing of this tell-all, it doesn't necessarily come as a surprise.

Various celebrities, famous singers, actors, politicians etc. have had to deal with "being exposed" by someone they might have trusted, at whichever point in their life, in the tabloids, online or wherever they were given an opportunity.

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Unfortunately, it might even be that these people considered themselves close to this person and trusted them up until the very moment the expose was released.

(And, yes, sometimes these people do need to be exposed for the terrible things they've done/are doing.)

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But that doesn't take away the pain you feel when a friend stabs you in the back.

Sometimes it can even feel worse than a breakup.

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Whether they reveal your secrets to a large group of people or try to steal your partner, the scale of the betrayal doesn't matter, because it all hurts the same.

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