CEO and philanthropist Sholain Perumal shares some empowering words

CEO and philanthropist Sholain Perumal shares some empowering words

Sholain started as a cashier after matriculating and is now the CEO of eight businesses. 

Carol Ofori and Sholain Perumal at the East Coast Radio Studios
Carol Ofori and Sholain Perumal at the East Coast Radio Studios/Supplied

This week, Carol Ofori celebrates a powerhouse woman from KZN, Sholain Perumal. 

Not only is she the CEO of eight businesses, but she is also the founder of the 'Now You Can' Charity Organisation. Sholain came from humble beginnings as she started off working as a cashier after matriculating. 

Even though she didn't have the funds to study after her schooling career, this did not stop her from fighting for the life she envisioned for herself. 

Sholain Perumal is the CEO of the Gold Bar Company. Sholain’s management history includes Operational Systems & Controls, Marketing, Human Resources, and Legal Compliance,  to name a few, all underpinned by strong Financial Management principles.

"She is a philanthropist and believes in her purpose of empowering and helping those around her. Besides contributing to charities, she has also ventured into Women and Youth empowerment." 

With her passion to succeed and her purpose of helping others and making a difference in society, she is a great example of how you can achieve what you desire with a vision. 

Her ability to encourage and motivate her employees and the people around her says a lot about her entrepreneurial style. 

She offers mentorship opportunities and encourages and empowers her mentees, even to the point of allowing them the opportunity to become business partners. 

The Gold Bar Company is her main business, but she is also the CEO of several other businesses that include; Sensational Hair, Nails and Beauty, Specialized Accounting, Whimsical Couture, Designer Prints, Redhouse Photography, Ballito Seafoods, and Wonder Woman Awards. 

During the pandemic, Perumal faced major challenges keeping her Gold Bar stores and her salon open. But she persevered and ensured that she didn't lose any staff and everyone was paid, even if it meant her paying them with her private funds. 

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