"I think the confidence that you see on stage comes with a lot of fear"

"I think the confidence that you see on stage comes with a lot of fear"

Known as the 'Queen of Comedy' and a household name in KZN, Carol Ofori is excited to celebrate her woman crush this week, Bash with Tash.

Carol Ofori standing with Bash with Tash
Carol Ofori standing with Bash with Tash/Supplied

A long-awaited visit from the legendary 'Queen of Comedy', Bash with Tash, was such an exhilarating experience for listeners, Carol Ofori, and the team. 

A woman who is a household name in KZN and who has earned a stellar reputation for herself started in humble beginnings. She told Carol that her journey with the 'Bash with Tash' franchise started with a simple video that she posted on Facebook years ago. 

And from there it snowballed into partnerships, shows, and more. 

She is an MC, entertainer, philanthropist, and motivational speaker and has won over the hearts of many South Africans. 

When asked about her bravery and owning her brand, she was candid in her answer (and we expect nothing less from this powerhouse woman). 

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We love how eloquently she spoke about the role of philanthropy in her life. It is so inspiring to see her humble attitude about life and her upbringing. 

Take a look at her chat about her role in the community and listen to the podcast below:

Carol podcasts
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