Carol Ofori tries to help KZN man reunite with his ex

Carol Ofori tries to help KZN man reunite with his ex

Sometimes when the heart hurts, all you see is hurt. 

Carol Ofori holding her palms together looking up
Carol Ofori holding her palms together looking up/Supplied

Valentine's Day has been an up-and-down event for many people. You could even say that those in love view this red-hearted day with rose-coloured glasses. 

But some are truly going through the motions, not so much in a good way. It can be said that if you don't experience a big heartbreak in your life at least once, then you haven't lived. 

Heartbreak is part of the package when you are in a relationship, accepting that fact can help you look at the world from a different perspective. 

Earlier in the week, Carol Ofori opened up the lines of communication with KZN, asking people if they would like to attempt to contact their ex on the show to reunite. 

Philip got in touch with the team and shared that he wanted to contact his ex, Lucy. Not much information was shared about why they weren't together anymore, but the team gave it a chance. 

Executive Producer Rory Petzer contacted Philip's ex, Lucy, and asked her if she would be keen on accepting a call from a surprise caller. She agreed and things sounded like they were off to a great start...

But little did we know what caused the break-up. Take a listen to what happened below:

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