Carol Ofori talks 2024 and shares back to school tips

Carol Ofori talks 2024 and shares back to school tips

Back to school prep can become stressful, that's why it is best to work in advance. 

Carol Ofori and her family pose for the New Year
Carol Ofori and her family pose for the New Year/Supplied

And just like that, the festive season has reached its end point and we are all back to the hustle and bustle of reality. 

A big part of that reality relates to our kids and getting them ready for the school year. 

This is why, even though Carol Ofori is still on a creative break, we reached out to her to ask her about her New Year and the Back To School preparations. 

Carol Ofori shared that she had the most wonderful festive season and isn't stressed at all about the Back To School preparations...

In case you are wondering why, it's because as usual, she prepared for it last year. 

Carol Ofori is a firm believer that buying your kids' stationery and school requirements at the end of the school year is the best thing to do. 

She says that the best advice she can give all parents is to get all their kids' stationery at the end of the school year to avoid the rush and the stress that comes with shopping. 

Since her son is growing so fast, she didn't want to buy his school uniform last year in case he grew by the time he had to go back to school. So, she has opted to wait to buy his school uniform the week before school starts. 

Carol and her husband Greg also have a great website that helps parents find the best schools for their kids called, Ratings for Schools.

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The Ratings for Schools website helps parents with finding the best-fit schools for their kids. 

This year, the Oforis are encouraging their users to share their reviews on the website. Sharing their experiences on the website will be a big help for other parents visiting the site for the first time. 

What grade is your child entering into this year? 

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