Carol Ofori shares her top ideas for school holidays with the kids

Carol Ofori shares her top ideas for school holidays with the kids

Always be prepared; preparation is critical to a great holiday. 

The Umhlanga Lighthouse and the promenade
The Umhlanga Lighthouse and the promenade/Facebook/@I Love Durban

It's officially it is the school holidays, and we know that there are two groups of parents. 

Some are happy to welcome in the school break, and those who are daunted by the thought of hearing the words, "I'm bored." 

This is why we asked Carol Ofori about her plans for the school holidays. You might not do the same things, but it could be a great way to create your itinerary in order. 

1. Plan the school holiday itinerary out. Carol Ofori says that it is always good to be prepared, and since this winter holiday is three weeks, making sure you are prepped and ready is vital. 

2. Trust in your arts and crafts. Most kids yearn to spend time with their parents doing arts and crafts. So, whether your kids like painting, colouring, drawing with chalk outside, making things for their room, teachers or friends, or simply playing with some playdough, you have to make an effort to get them things to work with. 

We find prepping for these ahead of time is a great idea. 

3. Spend the day enjoying the promenade. The North and South Beach areas have amazing promenades, depending on where you live in KZN

You can take them for a walk, carry their bikes, and let them enjoy themselves. Getting kids outdoors and in the fresh air is excellent for them and you. 

4. Carol Ofori thinks it's essential for the kids to stay mentally alert during the holidays. Her son is learning Zulu, so she ensures he has time to learn on the Duolingo app. 

You could ensure that your kids are doing some reading or workbooks that help them with remedial for the last term, preparing them for the new term. 

5. Getting your kids involved in the kitchen is also a great way to help them build on their skill sets while having fun. 

6. Getting your kids involved in charity work is a beautiful way to give back to the community. Depending on their age, Carol suggests getting them to volunteer at places such as SPCA and old age homes, which will make their holidays constructive and educational. 

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