The Jurassic Museum is coming to Durban!

The Jurassic Museum is coming to Durban!

This event will be at the Saxony Westwood Mall, a roaring exhibit featuring impressively large dinosaurs, Pure Venom’s live Reptiles & Crocs, food stalls, and more. 

T Rex dinosaur statue with a natural background
T Rex dinosaur statue with a natural background/Pexels/@Mike Bird

There's something majestic about dinosaurs that has many of us intrigued by their existence 65-million years ago. 

Anyone with kids will know that if they are not roaring and stomping around the house acting like a dinosaur, they are drawing them or interested in watching shows that include them. 

Barney was the purple dinosaur that shaped our childhood, but nowadays, it's all about Gigantosaurus and the facts surrounding real dinosaurs. 

This is why we are so excited to share the three-day event that will be held at the Saxony Westwood Mall in Westville from June 28th to 30th. 

The Jurassic Museum will be open to the whole family, allowing dinosaur lovers to step back in time and experience an exhibit featuring impressive large dinosaurs, complete with thunderous roars.

There will also be Pure Venom’s live Reptiles & Crocodiles at the Jurassic Museum.

Tickets can be purchased from Ticketpro , and there are three options. 

Adults 13+ - R 150 pp
Kids under 12 - R 130 pp

Adults 13+ - R 150 pp
Kids under 12 - R 130 pp

Includes Pure Venom and Jurassic Museum
Adults 13+ - R 170 pp
Kids under 12 - R 150 pp

Tickets will also be sold at the door, and there will be free parking. 

For more information or any questions, you can contact Masoud on 0827573535. 

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Image Courtesy of Pexels

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