Carol Ofori: "My son is starting Grade 1 this year!"

Carol Ofori: "My son is starting Grade 1 this year!"

What are your Back to School tips for parents? 

Carol Ofori: "My son is starting Grade 1 this year!"
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Of course there are those parents who are all over their Back to School duties and plan ahead. Carol Ofori being one of them. But there are those parents who are still learning. 

And therefore we thought it important to share some advice on how to tackle the Back to School stress without the stress. Yes, it is possible, it just takes some preparation and some know how. 

As a parent who has no experience with taking their kids to school, it can be scary. The only memory you have of school is when you were in it, and the admin of finding a school and the the list of requirements wasn't on the forefront of your priorities. 

The 'to-do' lists can be long and worrying, considering it is costly and time consuming. But there is always a first step to everything, and once you take it, things won't be so daunting. 

As Carol Ofori shares that her son will be entering grade one this year, she shares some tips on handling Back to School like a pro. Since Back to School sales start in November, she says that planning beforehand is a huge plus. 

So she got all her shopping done last year and has left all the small things to do, like covering of books and any last minute goodies for this week. She also mentioned that schools are very helpful when it comes to giving you guidance. 

So take advantage of that. Ask the school for a list of things that the child needs and anything extra that they think could help. Planning early is vital so you can also budget appropriately. 

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Other than that she said that by starting early, you give yourself time to shop around for the best specials. This way, if you can save on a big item like school shoes and backpacks, then all the better. 

And, lastly, try to get your kids into routine a week before school starts. The holidays shake up all our schedules, so it's best to start getting back into the rhythm of things a week before so that it can be an easier transition when school does start. 

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