Carol Ofori on her Summer body: "I love walking with my husband"

Carol Ofori on her Summer body: "I love walking with my husband"

We all have our own way of staying fit and sometimes coming together for a session can be invigourating. 

Carol Ofori and Greg Ofori at beach walk
Carol Ofori and Greg Ofori at beach walk/Supplied

We all want to look great for Summer, it is that time of the year when you want to strut your stuff at the beach or at a pool party. 

So, naturally, working hard to get in shape but also being mindful of your health and fitness is something that many people prioritise around this time of year. 

This is why we are so excited for The East Coast Radio and Clicks Summer Body Bootcamp

In preparation for this fun-filled, upbeat activation, we wanted to know what Carol Ofori does to keep fit. 

As you know, one of the things we admire most about the Daytime Queen is her honesty, so, when we approached her about her fitness regimen, she openly and honestly admitted that it's been a while since she visited the gym. 

And we are certain many mothers out there can relate. Sometimes, your day doesn't allow you the pleasure and necessary time you need for you. 

We guess this is why events such as Summer Body Bootcamp are so important for us, as it reminds us to take time out to engage in fitness as a community. 

This is what Carol had to say about her most enjoyable fitness regimen. 

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We think that no matter what you do to keep fit, it is important to do something that you enjoy. 

As Carol said, being outdoors and walking brings her joy because she gets to catch up with her hubby whilst also getting her heart rate up. 

Keeping fit isn't always about doing what others do, but about finding what works for you. 

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