CAREERWISE: Check out these tips that can help you find a job in South Africa

CAREERWISE: Check out these tips that can help you find a job in South Africa

When last did you update your CV? 

CAREERWISE: Check out these tips that can help you with a job in South Africa
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It's got to be said that wherever you are in the world, there is a chance that at some point you have experienced a sense of fear when it comes to job security. Where some industries are experiencing a call for skilled labour, others are letting people go...

And with the rising costs in, well, everything, there is a much needed plan to be made when it comes to finding a great job. If you don't already have one, then you need to stick around. We will be looking at things you can do to engage with online job sites to find that great job.

One of the things that many people forget is that the best and most fruitful source in finding a job is at their finger tips. If there is one thing that is a common commodity amongst majority of South Africans, it's the fact that they have a smartphone. 

It's not just for taking photos and scrolling through social media. It's a resource that you can use to locate legitimate jobs that are waiting for your application. But, first, it is a tool that will allow you to create a Curriculam Vitae or Resume. 

Your portfolio of work needs to be appealing to the recruiter, it not only needs to read well, but it also needs to look presentable and follow some guidelines in terms of format, length, and even the font matters. 

So that's where you should start, research what a good CV looks like, use platforms such as LinkedIn, Careers24, and PNET, to search for companies and jobs that you are interested in. These job specifications will help you craft and edit your CV so that you can use the relevant language and also include your skills in the acceptable manner. 

Don't negate the fact that social media can help you find that job. Facebook has a job search section and this is a great way of connecting with recruiters and even potential employers. So make sure your profile is free from profanity and uncomplimentary photos. 

It pays to have a clean and presentable profile. So make sure that if you are using Facebook as a resource that you are seen in the best light on all your linked platforms. 

Another underutilised resource is the yellow pages. Look up companies that you would want to work for, make a list and contact them. You never know what may come of it. So go ahead and call those companies, take a leap of faith, it may surprise you. 

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Another valuable tip is to make sure that you are telling a story about yourself. Most of the time people's CVs get stuck in someone's 'OUT' tray because the cover letter wasn't appealing. 

If you are not a writer then ask for some help, check in with friends and family who are better at writing. Ask them to assist you in writing your cover letter, and you could even ask them to help with looking over your CV. Sometimes you need an outside perspective. 

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