BIZARRE: Robot rapper gets dropped by Capitol Records

BIZARRE: Robot rapper gets dropped by Capitol Records

Yes, this is true and, yes, it is bizarro...

Robot rapper posing for a photo
Robot rapper posing for a photo/Twitter/@MetaverseLuke

This story is bizarre on so many levels. You rarely associate rapping with a robot. 

Well, unless you think about the robot-themed music video by Lil Nas X. And even then this is so much more extreme than that...

Ever heard of a robot rapper? Well, it's a 'real' thing. His name is FNMeka and he is TikTok's top virtual being with over 10-million followers. 

The robot rapper was recently signed by record label Capitol. This after he released his debut single, 'Florida Water'. 

This is the first time ever for a robot rapper to be signed by a label. 

But, more than that, it was interesting to note that the robot rapper is voiced by a human but everything else about him is based on artificial intelligence. 

However, in the most recent reports currently hitting the internet, the label Capitol Music Group was severing ties with its latest controversial artist. 

The music group issued a statement from their webpage saying that they were very sorry towards the black community

Check out one of his videos on TikTok

P.S This is anything but cute... in reference to the mom voice on the below video. 

@fnmeka Store lets you build your own Robot! 🤖 LlNK lN BlO #NFT #Robot #robotics ♬ original sound - FNMeka

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His (and we are using this term very loosely) TikTok account is extremely active and almost all his videos have over a million views. 

But the announcement of the hip hop record deal made many people question the future of hip hop music...

We cannot say we blame them, plus did they really have to design him to look so crazy?

That's saying something about pop culture influence at its worst...

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