Biryani wars: Boyfriend complains his Indian GF forgot the sambals

Biryani wars: Boyfriend complains his Indian GF forgot the sambals

Okay, we have to say that this might not just be an Indian thing but a South African thing...

A pot of breyani
A pot of breyani/Facebook/@paul.lingham.1

Biryani is a popular Indian food that has many variations. 

People enjoy biryani not just because it is a wholesome meal, but also because it can be enjoyed with a host of side items. 

The main ones include sour milk salad (white yoghurt with mint), carrot salad, pickled veggies or chillies and sambals. 

An interracial couple who share funny videos on social media recently caught our attention when the boyfriend, Daniel Chitombi, spoke about his girlfriend's biryani. 

He commended her beef biryani and acknowledged her cooking skills (you could say that is what most women would be happy with). 

But he went further. He shared that although she made a delicious biryani, she forgot to mention that she made sambals and he was almost done with his food. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@daniel_chitombi #interracialcouple #danielchitombi #india #indianfood #bf #gf #relationship #biryani #salad #fiance #argument ♬ original sound - Daniel chitombi

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It is amazing to see how this couple embraces each other and their cultures. 

Check out some of the comments from the video. 

  • "I miss REAL briyani, not this Aknie thing they have in Cape Town" 
  • "I love his accent making us proud"
  • "My sister only tells me there was salad and stuff when we're having the leftovers the next day"

Daniel responded to the above comment saying: "She only told me the next day that there was Vermicelli 😔😂 I'm convinced she hates me😭😂 bro how do u make something for an hour and forget you made it"

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Image Courtesy of Facebook

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