Bad parenting habits that we should bid farewell

Bad parenting habits that we should bid farewell

This is something that many parents don't think about; how we need to look inwardly to break away from our bad habits to be better parents. 

A relaxed black woman with her young daughter practicing yoga
A relaxed black woman with her young daughter practicing yoga/Pexels/@MonsteraProduction

Traditionally, parents tend to believe that they know everything when it comes to parenting their kids. We expect our young ones to listen to us because we have lived a longer time than them and supposedly know more. 

However, we have come to learn that age is not a determining factor in parenting. Becoming a parent doesn't give you 'all-seeing eye' status, you earn that along the way. 

You can be seasoned (a polite way of saying old) and still, your kids can teach you things about yourself you never knew. 

To be a better parent and person, you can always look inward and try to change. Here are some tips on how to break the bad parenting habits. 

  • The feeling of failing

When you feel this way (which is quite common among parents), you are not being counterproductive. "Instead, look at the little missteps as an opportunity to grow and learn. Also, by showing your kids that it's okay to make mistakes, you'll teach them to be resilient in their own lives." (MSN)

  • Doing everything for your kids

When you do everything for your kids you are not helping them, but instead, you are enabling them to be dependent. Parents are meant to empower their kids to do things for themselves. You can help them by encouraging them to act independently. This also helps with their confidence. 

  • Pick your battles

"Pick your parenting battles wisely. You can't win every battle, and you shouldn't try to. If your preschooler wants to wear a mismatched outfit, let them. Some things aren't worth fighting over." (MSN)

  • Neglecting your marriage 

It is so easy to just focus all your efforts and energy towards the kids, but don't forget to nurture your relationship. Plan date nights and spend time together as much as you can. 

  • Overpopulating their schedules

Every parent wants their kids to have more opportunities than they had. But over-scheduling them for too many extracurricular activities isn't helpful. Kids need free time. 

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  • Failing to give your kids responsibilities

By not giving them responsibilities, you are not equipping them for their future. Chores and giving them responsibility helps them grow with those values. "By assigning age-appropriate chores, kids will learn the importance of contributing to the household. They'll also learn important life skills." (MSN)

  • Always being on your phone

If you are always on your devices around your kids, remember they feel this in some way and also mirror your actions. Unplug and spend quality time with the family. 

  • Spoiling your kids

"Many parents end up inadvertently spoiling their kids by buying them lots of things. And while material items are nice, they won't bring lasting happiness. Teach your kids to find joy in less superficial ways and you'll be raising a good citizen." (MSN)

We hope you found these helpful. 

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