Back To School safety tips for the kids this 2024

Back To School safety tips for the kids this 2024

You can never be too safe when it comes to your child's safety. So, take heed of these safety tips. 

Pupil with backpack holding her mother's hand
Pupil with backpack holding her mother's hand/iStock/Sasilstock

It is that time of the year again when you have to cover and label books for back-to-school. 

Most parents intend to plan and prepare early, but let's face it, there's always something that is left for the last minute. 

Well, this year, we wanted to share something that brings value to both you and your kids and doesn't have a deadline.

Safety tips.

These are invaluable and should be something that all parents teach their kids. 

These safety tips were shared by the security group Fidelity ADT. 

"There are basic tips that we believe parents can follow, to make a difference in the safety of their children and to give everyone peace of mind. It boils down to making sure your children know exactly how to avoid possible danger, and also what they must do in case something bad happens to them." (ADT Newsletter)

  1. If your kids are walking to or from school, make sure that they are in a group. Walking alone is never a good idea. If they do not have transport and don't have company to walk home, parents can liaise with teachers and other parents in the area for a lift club or walking group. 
  2. Shortcuts should be avoided and rather take the main roads when going home. 
  3. Inform your kids to wait inside the school at pick-up times, do not wait outside or go and look for your transport. 

4. "Remember, your parents would never send someone you don’t know to fetch you. Never get into a stranger’s car even if they claim that someone you love is hurt and that they are supposed to pick you up. It is a good idea to consider using a password system, to ensure that the person collecting you is a friend of your parents or someone you can trust." 

5. "If a stranger approaches you, do not talk to them no matter how friendly they may seem. If someone tries to grab you, fight, kick and scream that they are not your mom or dad." (Fidelity ADT)

Many kids walk themselves to and from school and come home without supervision because their parents are working. In these cases, it is even more imperative to prepare your child to be extra careful when walking to and from school. Perhaps, it is even a good idea to ask a neighbour (a trusted person) to check in with the kids.

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It can be scary to talk about things that concern safety and security, but it is important to equip your kids with the information that can keep them safe. 

Make sure you have a list of emergency numbers that they are aware of, as well as your work number and cellphone number. Also, if you have a security system, tell them what they should do in case of an emergency (pressing the panic button). 

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