Troop of baboons defend themselves against leopard

Troop of baboons defend themselves against leopard

You come for my family, we come for you, Mr Leopard...

Troop of Baboons fight with Leopard
Troop of Baboons fight with Leopard/YouTube Screenshot/@LatestSightings

We're used to seeing wildlife videos that show us the reality of life in the wild. 

And as much as this may disturb some, it is part of our heritage to acknowledge the wildlife and the life cycle that exists in the wild. 

It is literally a eat or be eaten world that they live in. We only have to experience this figuratively, but for our animals it is very real and very literal. 

A video that was shared by a couple who were visiting the Kruger National Park for the first time really depicted the epitome of living in the wild. 

As 38-year-old Merve Mersinligil, a pianist and pedagogue (piano professor), and her husband 44-year-old lawyer Viktor Szontagh parked off to wait for a troop of baboons to move aside from the roadway, they experienced something fascinating. 

The couple were admiring the baboons and then suddenly the troop were startled, and the couple realised a leopard was visiting to get some lunch. 

Watch the video footage the couple took from their vehicle. Courtesy of YouTube


Talk about standing up for your family, because it's life or death. 

This leopard didn't think his plan through and the troop proved that standing in a pack is always more powerful than alone. 

Watch the same video from a different angle, courtesy of TikTok


Leopard gets beaten up by 50 baboons 😮😮

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Image Courtesy of YouTube

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