#AppreciationMonday: Rose Heights Primary School principal in Chatsworth honoured with award

#AppreciationMonday: Rose Heights Primary School principal in Chatsworth honoured with award

Showing love for a principal who has left his mark on the world of education...

#AppreciationMonday: Principal at Rose Heights Primary School in Chatsworth honoured with lifetime award
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As a way of starting off the week on a positive and uplifting note, Carol Ofori loves to ask everyone to share what they are grateful for. On that note, we saw this story and had to show some love for this principal, who has impacted the teaching world in such a humble way. 

Principal Rishichand Sookai Budhal from the Rose Heights Primary School in Chatsworth, was recently awarded with a lifetime achievement award at the Department of Basic Education’s 21st Reimagined National Teaching Awards (NTA).

"The NTA is part of the Teacher Appreciation and Support Programme (TASP), which was launched by the Minister of Basic Education in 2015. Its goal is to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate teachers' excellence in diverse contexts." (IOL)

Principal Budhal has a decorated resume and we can understand why he was awarded with such an honour. He not only studied teaching at the University of Durban Westville, he also has his doctorate in Psychology and has published five books in the field of education. 

He got into teaching because of his dad, who was also a teacher. Other teachers at the school nominated him for the award. Principal Budhal shared that in order to be a successful leader, you have to be able to be a lifelong learner, which we honestly thought was so endearing. 

He shared some words of wisdom, which we thought we would share with you. Just some inspiration to get your week off to a good start...

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