#AppreciationMonday: Food For Life Africa on a mission to eliminate hunger in South Africa

#AppreciationMonday: Food For Life Africa on a mission to eliminate hunger in South Africa

Food for Life Africa is an organisation that has set it sights on eliminating hunger in South Africa.

#AppreciationMonday: Food For Life Africa aims to eliminate hunger in South Africa

People are hungry.

This is an everyday scenario for many people, not just in our province, but in our entire country and in many parts of the world.

Something like food should be a basic necessity for everyone, no matter your background, colour, religion, ethnicity, or any differentiating factor for that matter. Having access to food is a basic human right, and the fact that many people aren't privy to this basic right is both sad and infuriating. 

Vick Panday, the Chairman for Food for Life Africa, is changing this with his organisation, which has set an inspirational and humble goal of eliminating hunger in our country. 

Of course, on this Appreciation Monday, we have decided to show appreciation for such a beautiful and endearing cause. Food For Life Africa was born 18 months ago and has served 2.8-million plates of food since then. They serve more than 160,000 plates of food a month. 

Panday says that the humanitarian organisation came to light thanks to a chef who was cooking under a tree for school children and other people in need of food. 

He explained that each plate of food costs R5. Food For Life Africa feeds old age homes, schools, and many other places which are alerted to them by various NGOs and NPOs. 

The food is collected from their mega kitchen, which is in Verulam, north of Durban, and distributed to those in need. (North Glen News)

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