#AppreciationMonday: Durban mom sources R10-million to open school for autistic son

#AppreciationMonday: Durban mom sources R10-million to open school for autistic son

That beautiful moment when a mother fulfils a promise to her child...

Mother holding her son in her arms
Mother holding her son in her arms/Unsplash Website

It's not often that a parent can say that they are certain that their promises will always hold true. Sometimes things don't end up the way you want them to. But all we can do as parents is try our best to stick to those promises and hope for the best. 

This Durban mother, Wendy Bramley, made a big promise to her son who has autism. Wendy's son, Connor, was nearing the end of his primary school career, and they were finding it challenging to find a high school with teachers that were trained to accommodate his special needs. 

Connor, who was anxious yet excited to experience high school, continued asking his mother about where he would be going. As many parents do, Wendy kept assuring her son that all would be well and they would find him a school, and if not she would build him one. 

As you can see, she's no ordinary woman...

She didn't want him to worry and isn't that what mothers do, take on the worry and stress for everyone in the family? But she didn't just do that, she set out to find him a school. 

Sadly, the fees at the private special needs schools were quite steep for her family. This led to her mission to raise funds for her boy and other autistic children, in aid of them never feeling excluded.

After a meeting at her old high school, Kloof High School, things were looking bright. Wendy told News24: "Principal Rob Holding agreed that if she got the funding, he would permit the building of extra classes to accommodate children with special learning needs." 

Connor is now 15 and has been going to Kloof High School. But he needs extra attention and care. Wendy has secured R10-million to build extra classrooms at Kloof High School, that will assist Connor and other kids like him to progress all the way to matric. 

It has taken persistence from Wendy and her husband, David Bramley, and true dedication to committing to the upliftment of their son.

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"Construction is expected to commence in three months, and the project is scheduled for completion at the end of the year. Wendy said the funding and cooperation of the school was an enormous relief for her and her husband, who has been very supportive." (News24)

David, who admitted to also having issues with school work as a youngster, said it was so important to him to make sure that Connor received the support and attention he needed. The fact that Kloof High School has helped them with this has been a huge weight off their shoulders. 

Connor is happy that he is able to attend school there until his matric is complete and is enjoying his teachers and overall high school experience. 

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