Advocate of diversity Thando Hopa is our woman crush

Advocate of diversity Thando Hopa is our woman crush

Today, Carol Ofori celebrates Thando Hopa as our Woman Crush Wednesday.

Thando Hopa poses with African attire
Thando Hopa poses with African attire/Supplied

One of the highlights of celebrating trailblazing women who are doing amazing work is the reaffirmation that women aren't just pretty faces. 

And the more and more we delve into learning about what women are doing in the varied sectors, the more we ignite the fire that comes from being a trailblazing woman. 

This week, Carol Ofori celebrates a woman with a long list of achievements: Thando Hopa. 

Thando Hopa is a fashion model and an advocate of diversity who has made her mark globally. 

Her varied portfolio includes her background as a sexual offence prosecutor in the regional court at the National Prosecuting Authority, an international fashion model, an actress, and a cultural leader.

But the above is only a small part of the work she does. Currently, Hopa appears as one of the symbolic goddesses in Jean Paul Gaultier's DIVINE campaign

She shares that the opportunity provided her with a powerful platform to "reconnect to the intuitive and instinctual" aspects of femininity.

She speaks about getting into the world of fashion as a cultural activist and pushing the constructs of people accepting her as an albino model. 

We love how she has this innate aura of 'hope' that divinely is expressed each time she speaks. 

It's oddly satisfying to make that connection considering it is part and parcel of her name, Hopa. 

Having been listed as one of BBC’s Top 100 Inspirational Women, we are beaming with pride to see how a woman who has faced so many negatives can overcome it in such an empowered way. 

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