WCW: "Women in creative spaces are probably the most exploited"

WCW: "Women in creative spaces are probably the most exploited"

This week's woman crush is Thando Makhunga, a woman who began her musical career right here at East Coast Radio...

Carol Ofori stands next to Thando Makhunga at East Coast Radio studio
Carol Ofori stands next to Thando Makhunga at East Coast Radio studio/East Coast Radio

A positively inspiring woman crush returns to where it all began this week. 

Carol Ofori welcomed Thando Makhunga, the Managing Director at Sheer Publishing.

Sheer Publishing is the largest independent music publisher in Africa. It has a 25-year track record of success in the music industry. 

Thando is known for her work on the continent to drive collaboration, knowledge sharing, and improved access to information on publishing and the rights of creators.

Thando Makhunga started her broadcasting career at Kagiso Media, in particular East Coast Radio, where her passion for music blossomed. 

She has held executive roles at "Primedia Broadcasting and has been instrumental in creating opportunities for women and the youth in the media industry by implementing strategic initiatives to identify and develop talent". 

Being back at East Coast Radio certainly left her with a range of emotions, and, of course, it would. It is a great moment of reflection as to where you came from and where you have been. 

She believes strongly in putting female performers at the forefront of the music industry. Creating opportunities for females in the music industry comes with some battles, as Thando reveals that she believes not all female performers are credited rightly in the industry. 

Her insight is rich and empowering. The fact that many performers on our continent aren't equipped or knowledgeable about how much they own when it comes to music rights is a big hurdle in the publishing industry. 

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Thando brought up some interesting matters of fact in the industry and in doing so revealed that in music publishing, it's not all about the glitz and glamour. 

The other part of publishing, the matters of copyright, may not always be exciting but are just as important, if not the most important to maintain. 

She believes that the music publishing industry and radio as a whole are evolving, but you have to be realistic about every situation you are placed in. 

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