A 61-year-old man marries his goddaughter who is just 18-years-old!

A 61-year-old man marries his goddaughter who is just 18-years-old!

Is love really love when it crosses certain boundaries? 

A 61-year-old man marries his god daughter who is just 18-years-old!
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It's true that we believe that love comes in different shapes, forms, sizes, and ages. If we left out age then that would be excluding a huge part of the 'love population' when it comes to not being the same age as your partner. 

And when we look at the 'age' factor and relationships, it comes down to the fact that love really does present itself in varied situations, and who are we to judge. But what happens when it presents itself in situations that cross boundaries? What then?

It certainly isn't a new phenomenon to hear about large age gaps between couples, but then to hear that the husband was once with his current wife's mother, and also happens to be her godfather, uh, there's some blurriness there...

Michael and Deja Haugabook have received some backlash on their social media after people noted the huge age difference between the married couple. Michael happens to be Deja's 61-year-old Godfather, her husband, and they also have a two-year-old daughter together. 

She is just 18-years-old so that means that when she was a minor they conceived a child together. "Michael is seen with a young Deja during a time when he dated her mother years ago." (MSN)

So over and above it all, he was also at some point dating her mother. Commentators on Instagram have been anything but supportive in their commentary. With one person saying: "If you going to marry your sugar daddy he suppose to have money." 

Other comments weren't any better:

"Lord I hope when her daughter turns 18 you dont marry her too."

"That man playing games with you baby girl. You in love, but he playing get back at your mom."

"You can’t tell me you wasn’t already doing stop to this little girl for years, because if you weren’t then you wouldn’t marry her as soon as she turned 18. You raised her since she was a baby then as soon as she’s legal you marry her? Yea you’ve definitely been grooming her ever since she was a child and this is why women need to watch who they bring around their children." (Instagram)

We have to say that the last comment above did open our eyes to another way of looking at this situation. The difference in age between them is more than four decades, and the fact that he knew her from the time she was born does present factors for concern. 

Is this an abuse of power and influence from a father figure? Whatever the reason, young Deja is determined to tell the world that she is grown and knows what she's doing. In many of her posts and even her bio, she mentions that they don't care about the public's opinion. 

Whatever the situation, we just hope that their kids don't get caught in the mess. 

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