Shaving makes you look younger

Shaving makes you look younger

Attention women: New research shows that shaving your face apparently makes you look younger!


For year’s woman have been told that shaving your face would be a beauty sin!

However now Dermatologists have revealed that shaving your face could lead to more youthful skin!

According to beauty experts, the reason men age better is because they shave every day, which exfoliates the skin. 

Angela, 46 who has been shaving her face 3 times a week for the past 8 years couldn't be happier with the results. She told Mail Online "It’s cheap, takes seconds and doesn't irritate my skin, unlike laser or waxing. The claim that facial hair grows back thicker and darker is a myth. It’s been the best thing I could have started doing." She is adamant that regular shaving has improved her complexion. 

‘Make-up goes on more evenly and easily, products absorb better and my skin is in great condition. It’s the smoothest and brightest it’s been in years,’ she says. 

Dr Michael Prager, an aesthetic clinician based in London, told MailOnline: ‘From an anti-ageing point of view, home shaving has some effect.‘It’s like a mild form of micro-dermabrasion, so encourages collagen production, which reduces wrinkles.’

Dermatologist Dr Neal Schultz believes regular shaving is why men appear to age better than women. ‘Most men shave their faces — and thereby exfoliate two-thirds of their face — regularly for years. That’s the reason that by their 30s and 40s, men’s skin often looks better than women’s skin,’ he says.

Darren seems to think this is all a conspiracy theory! 

‘What the hell are they trying to sell now?

Threading, laser removal or waxing yes... But shaving? Are you mad. 

We all know that shaving encourages thicker stronger hair growth. Sure, ladies, it might help keep your skin healthy and young which will go well with your full beard.’

What do you think, will you start shaving your face?

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