Woman in Newlands East baby case granted bail

Woman in Newlands East baby case granted bail

The 32-year-old woman accused of throwing her new-born baby girl into a storm water drain Newlands East has been granted R5000 bail in the Ntuzuma Magistrates Court.

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The baby was pulled out alive by rescue workers over two weeks ago - after being stuck some 7 meters in the drain for several hours.

The woman made her first physical appearance in court this morning after being in hospital after she suffered from Post pregnancy complications.

The woman wore a grey sweater with her hair up in a bun and looked frail and tired. With several family member sitting behind her - she was emotionless throughout today's proceedings. 

The court heard that it's suspected she is suffering from pre- and post-natal depression.

 Among the conditions of her bail are that she is not to have any contact with her baby.

She'll only be allowed to see her other two children - a 15-year-old boy and a nine-year-old girl - under supervision of a social worker. 

She is not allowed to enter Newlands. She will stay with her uncle - who is the police officer who turned her in when he realised she was the baby’s mother. 

The woman's attorney, Jacques Botha says his client's family is distraught over the incident. He says the woman will abide the bail conditions set out.

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State Prosecutor, Seema Reddy told the court that the baby girl is in good health and still in hospital. Reddy says she will be handed over to social workers soon. 

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