WATCH: Waterfall python released back into Kloof Gorge

WATCH: Waterfall python released back into Kloof Gorge

The massive Southern African python that was removed from a garden of a home in Waterfall, west of Durban on Sunday has been released back into the wild.

Local snake removal expert, Nick Evans was called to the home by an elderly couple who spotted the snake crossing a busy road.

Evans, from KwaZulu-Natal Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, described the removal of the python as the most powerful encounter he has ever had with a snake.

PHOTOS: Massive python wrestled out of Waterfall garden

It measured in at 3.9m and weighed at a healthy 31kg.

The snake was released deep inside the Kloof Gorge.

"We walked really far carrying this 31kg snake, with the bucket it was 33kg. We tied the box to a stick and we carried it [on our shoulders] like hunters. It was a very, very long walk down into the gorge," said Evans.

"We  walked to a place where there are no trails or people around. We assume there are other pythons there. Se we hope that it will be safe."

He says it was like a scene from a movie when the snake swam away in a shallow stream once released.

"It was really nice to see it go free. It actually swam in a pool of water, under the water, for us. It was like a scene from the move Anaconda."

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