WATCH: 4-metre python relocated from Ballito property

WATCH: 4-metre python relocated from Ballito property

Snake handling experts have rescued a four-metre python and the snake's eggs in Ballito, on the north coast.

Python rescued in Ballito
Video Screengrab - KwaZulu-Natal Amphibian and Reptile Conservation

KwaZulu-Natal snake expert, Nick Evans says when they arrived on the property - the Southern African python was nestled deep in a tunnel near the garage.

"It's hard to describe - the wall of the garage is against an embankment. Where the roof joins the embankment, there was a gap - and a tunnel in there. At first I wasn't sure if she had eggs. I lifted a tiny piece of her body and then I could see the eggs. She was close to the entrance of this tunnel and normally pythons lay their eggs underground."

The reptile was found curled atop approximately 40 eggs.

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Nick Evans says unlike other snakes - pythons are protective over their eggs - until they hatch. 

"The noise that she was making was like a dinosaur's - it was loud and echoed in that little tunnel. She guards them and incubates them. So without the mother, the eggs can't survive. It's very clever - she would go up and lie in the sun to get warm and return to wrap herself around those eggs. She's kept them at a temperature of around 30 degrees." Evans said.  

He says if left until they hatch, the hatchlings would not survive as the location was near a construction site. 

See footage of the delicate removal process below. 

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