WATCH: Durban diver pulls shark tooth out of his head

WATCH: Durban diver pulls shark tooth out of his head

A Durban spear fisherman got more than he bargained for when he emerged from the ocean with a baby shark tooth lodged in his head.

Jarid spear

Jarid Norman says he was diving in Umdloti on Wednesday when he spotted a fish in a hole.

He says the little reef shark then swam towards the fish.

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shark tooth

"He obviously went for the Rockard and my head was in the way. Then he decided, right I'm not going to get and must've turned and nicked me." 

"It felt like a punch. I didn't even know he was there. At the time I was concentrating to stop the fish from kicking off in case it attracted a shark and obviously, it did and I was just in the way and got a nice big fat kiss on the head." 

Shark tooth 1

Norman says he didn't know what had happened until his diving mate told him he was bleeding. "I thought ok, I must've pushed my spear into my head, but he said there is something stuck in my head and I could feel it and It was wedged in there pretty well. So I thought, ok best to get out and check what this is." 

"So I thought is this a piece of the shark's tooth or a piece of my skull sticking out. Either way, this might make the papers, so I went home and I thought whatever I'm going to do now I must film it. So that's when I took the little video and it turned out to be a shark's tooth." 

Watch the video below: 

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