Visvin Reddy to plead not guilty to incitement charges

Visvin Reddy to plead not guilty to incitement charges

Durban politician and ADEC leader Visvin Reddy says he will fight charges brought against him.

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He appeared in the Chatsworth Magistrate's Court on Wednesday on allegations of inciting violence.


He was summoned to appear by the NPA after threatening civil unrest should the new MK Party not make it on the ballot paper for the May elections. 


At the time of his comments, the ANC was challenging the IEC's registration of the MK Party in court, arguing it was done unlawfully.

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The Electoral Court dismissed the ruling party's application last week.


Reddy says he's also the national deputy convener for the MK party.


He's been charged under the Riotous Assemblies Act.


ADEC's spokesperson Sabeena Chetty says Reddy is surprised by the move.


"It did not make sense to him, but he will face the charges that are put to him and will plead not guilty in court extremely confident. 


"It’s actually proof that taking another stab at the MK using the state resources to actually attack them."  

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