Video: Verulam childcare home gutted by fire

Video: Verulam childcare home gutted by fire

A non-profit group in Verulam says children and staff have been left traumatised after a portion of their home was gutted in a fire. 

Verulam Family Home for Girls fire

The Verulam Family Home for Girls, a childcare residence with Girls and Boys Town South Africa, says the smell of smoke woke the children up. 

CEO Lee Loynes says thankfully, everyone was able to safely evacuate the property, and no one was hurt. 

She says they had just managed to settle down after the unrest earlier this month when this happened on Friday. 

Loynes says they've had to move some of the girls to a temporary shelter. 

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"The sort of dining room lounge and quite a large portion of the kitchen was damaged. There is a lot of water damage. The roof's been damaged. 

"The focus for us was to get the children sorted out in terms of safety, security and then food security and then just as that all settled down, the fire started. 

"So it's been quite a challenging time for the children, staff and obviously for all of us."

Anyone wishing to assist can email Saloshna Ellary at [email protected] or call her at 032 943 3189.

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