Verulam man accused of murder, rape cross-examined

Verulam man accused of murder, rape cross-examined

A Verulam man accused of raping and murdering a 7-year-old girl has faced cross-examination at the Durban High Court.

Sithembile Mila

Laston Moodley, 27 is alleged to have stabbed Sithembile Mila in his home at a block of flats in Waterloo in July 2018.

At the time of his arrest, police said that Moodley had sent little Sithembile to the shop to buy him cigarettes. When she returned, he lured her into his home, saying he had chocolates for her. She was later found badly wounded by residents who rushed her to hospital where she later died. 

The State questioned him on his version of events on Wednesday. 

Senior State Prosecutor, Kishen Shah cross-examined Moodley on his version of events on the day the child was found.

Moodley says he arrived home, to find his residence broken into.

He says angry community members were surrounding his home and that when he opened his front door, he saw blood on the stairs and discovered that a pair of his shoes were missing. 

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Shah poked holes in Moodley's testimony, questioning why he did not ask community members what happened when he realised something was amiss. 

Moodley responded by saying a language barrier prevented him from speaking to the residents.

The State prosecutor says he instead went into the home and locked the door behind him, proceeded to his bedroom, where it is alleged he changed his clothes which are still missing.

Shah then told Moodley his version of events made no sense adding that he had no reason to change his clothes unless the victim's blood was on it. 

Moodley simply responded by saying he was feeling hot. 

Shah claimed that Moodley was hiding in the house and didn't want to come out, resulting in police bashing down the door. 

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The family of the murdered girl says the pain of losing their beloved child is more than they can bear.  

Speaking to Newswatch outside court, Sithembile's aunt says their lives have just gotten worst since the child died, adding that they relive the nightmare every time they see Moodley.


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