Uncollected rubbish in Bluff angers residents

Uncollected rubbish in Bluff angers residents

Bluff residents are kicking up a fuss over their uncollected recycling refuse bags that have been piling up for weeks.

uncollected recycling refuse bags in bluff
Rob Mackenzie

Homeowner, Warren Dick says they have to sort it out themselves. 

"Our orange bags should have been collected on Thursday and they still sitting outside. So, I gather we are going to have to take the rubbish ourselves to the dump before the dogs or the monkeys rip the stuff apart," he said. 

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Another resident told Newswatch that his bags had been out on the pavement for four weeks before he decided to dispose of them himself. 

In a post on Facebook, Ward 66 Councillor JP Prinsloo wrote that some of the vehicles used had broken down, causing the backlog. 

He says while the problem has been resolved, it will take the contractor some time to clear all the bags because the area he services is quite large. 

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