Two bodies found on Durban beach

Two bodies found on Durban beach

A double murder probe is underway by KwaZulu-Natal police after the bodies of a man and woman were found on sand dunes near Suncoast Casino.  

Durban beachfront Suncoast Casino.
Lauren Beukes

A homeless man, who had been collecting plastic and cardboard on Monday afternoon, alerted police after the shocking discovery on Durban's beachfront. 

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The man and the woman believed to have been in her 40s were stabbed multiple times.  

KZN police spokesperson Brigadier Jay Naicker says a knife was picked up at the scene. 

"We have been able to identify the woman as her handbag was found close to the body, and the man remains unidentified at this stage. The police officers at Durban Central are investigating a case of double murder," he said. 

Police are asking members of the public to please stop sharing gory images of the crime scene and victims on WhatsApp and social media. 

Naicker says the man's family has not yet been notified of his death. 

"These gruesome pictures the families have to see in the social media. There is a young man that is dead, his family has not been notified of his death, they most probably going to learn of it when they see the pictures on social media."

"So it's very terrible. We have requested Durban Central to investigate who could have possibly taken those pictures and leaked it to social media," he said. 

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