‘They don’t know yet’ – Durban kids lose parents to carbon monoxide poisoning

‘They don’t know yet’ – Durban kids lose parents to carbon monoxide poisoning

The mother of a man who died along with his wife and a friend says they are yet to break the news to the couple's children. 

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Marshall security

The three died due to suspected carbon monoxide poisoning at a flat in Greenwood Park on Monday.


The couple is survived by their two children, aged 5 and 8.


It's suspected they died of carbon monoxide poisoning after operating a generator in their home. 


The area has been without power since last Thursday, allegedly due to cable theft.


The children’s grandmother, Noleen Jones, says they are devastated. 

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"We told them (the children) that they went to go very far out to work. They don't know as yet. 


“It's a big shock. The whole family is in shock. We drove past their house earlier, and it's like they are still there, like they never left." 


She says if it weren't for cable theft the three would still have been alive.


"For someone to steal the cables from their house, that they end up with no electricity. They were at work and someone stole the cables, and that's how we are now sitting with this situation. I'm so angry because we're supposed to be moving forward, but we are going backwards in our country. What's going on with the theft, load shedding and no water, it's heartbreaking." 


The community of Greenwood Park in the north of Durban wants answers as to why this cable fault wasn't attended to on Thursday when first reported.


Neighbours say the generator was likely kept inside the house due to the high risk of theft in the area.


Bobby Maharaj is the area's councillor, and says the incident has shocked a lot of people on Rosary Road, 


"The fear is there, amongst them, that these kinds of things are going to happen on a more regular basis. I hope not, but I'm a realist. It's going to happen because the thieves want to see it. That's all there is to it." 

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