DBE says all systems in place for reopening of coastal and inland schools

DBE says all systems in place for reopening of coastal and inland schools

Both coastal and inland schools will reopen tomorrow, unlike in previous years.

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The Basic Education Department has confirmed the 2024 academic year calendar changes.


"Because the team that compiles the school calendar noted in 2024, we would have general elections, and schools are used as voting stations as well, and we don’t know when the voting day will be,” says Basic Education spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga.


"The safest thing to do is to align all the schools to use one calendar, one of the things we considered this year."


Mhlanga says all systems are in place for the return of pupils across the country to the classroom.


"Our teachers already have been in school from yesterday and today as well to make final preparations. We have not had any report saying that schools are not ready. So, we are confident that, like all other years, schools will be able to open for business and register learners.

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"Some schools opened last week, which is good because it means tomorrow, they can start with the business of teaching and learning."   


He says they have provided mobile classrooms for schools impacted by recent flooding incidents.


In KZN, 59 schools in nine of the 12 districts have been affected.


"We always make plans; in fact, we are monitoring the weather patterns working with the weather service throughout the festive season.


"We get early warnings, so we make preparations to provide mobile classrooms, which is something which was prepared already before schools could open because we anticipated that there are going to be challenges."      



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