Struggling Hluhluwe family of 27 to get new home

Struggling Hluhluwe family of 27 to get new home

A Hluhluwe family, living in absolute poverty, says a proper roof over their heads will be the first step in turning their desperate situation around. 

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Getty Ndlanzi, who lives with her 26 children and grandchildren, says they've always struggled to make ends meet. 

Details of the family's plight began circulating on social media last week when a video clip was uploaded of two boys selling grass brooms to the support the entire household.

KwaZulu-Natal Human Settlements is now moving ahead with plans to build the Ndlanzi family a home. 

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Getty says she's humbled by the gesture.

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"Life is hard. It's even harder now in these Covid-19 days. My family does not have a proper home, but at least we can cover our heads. 

"Recent rains damaged some of my possessions, which I've had to burn. We don't have proper clothes and our food is not enough sometimes to feed everyone. 

"I don't think there is anything in my home that shows that I'm also a human being."

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