Snake caught on popular Durban beach

Snake caught on popular Durban beach

A large Boomslang has been moved into a coastal thicket after it was caught sunbathing on a popular Durban beach. 

Snake Durban beach
Nick Evans: Facebook

KwaZulu-Natal Amphibian and Reptile Conservation's snake catcher, Nick Evans says police spotted the reptile perched on a piece of driftwood in the ocean recently. 

Evans says by the time he had arrived the Boomslang had drifted ashore and was visibly tired from navigating through the surf.

"It was exhausted. It didn't move as I got up to it, where as if I was in the bush and I saw a Boomslang it would disappear, like in a second."

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"It had nowhere to go. It was a very, very simple catch, I literally just picked it up and put it in a bucket."


Evans believes the snake came from the nearby vegetation - about 50 metres from the shore break. 

"I think it just got lost. You know, sometimes snakes get washed through rivers, after floods into the sea, but we hadn't had any heavy rains at that point."

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