Schools could reopen on 6 May

Schools could reopen on 6 May

Grade 12s and grade 7s might go back to school as early as next week. 

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May 6 has been set as a provisional date.

It's part of a phased schooling approach taken by the Basic Education Department.

It's proposed that more learners will return to school two weeks after the first group, with other pupils going back on a fortnightly basis.  

Pupils in the lowest Grades in primary school are expected to be back in their classrooms in July. 

The department's Director-General, Mathanzi Mweli says the model is based on the country's lockdown level movement - as well as the risk of exposure among pupils.

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He broke down the phased return model during a virtual meeting attended by stakeholders earlier.

"You start with Grade 12 and grade 7, and then you have two weeks in between - hopefully to get the country to move to alert level 3 or 2 in the course of time - these are your least number of learners, it helps to limit the risk."

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