SANTACO slams COSATU's strike threat as ignorant

SANTACO slams COSATU's strike threat as ignorant

SANTACO says it would be ignorant of COSATU to go ahead with strike action against fully loaded taxis. 

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Sibahle Motha

The trade union federation isn't happy that government has allowed taxis to operate at 100% capacity. 

COSATU says this will put more lives at risk.  

SANTACO says, when the lockdown began in March, about 70% of taxi workers stayed home for two months without any pay. 

The council's Thabisho Molelekwa says contrary to popular belief, the government didn't give in to the industry's demands.

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 Molelekwa says SADTU has not really made enough groundwork to check and follow the situation that has been happening currently between government and the taxi industry. 

"For COSATU to rise at a time without putting an alternative proposal on the table, we believe it is without substance," he adds. 

"We want therefore to indicate that we find what COSATU has said that the government has thrown workers under the bus to be quite reckless and irresponsible because clearly, COSATU does not understand the discussions that have been happening between the taxi industry and government."

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