SAMA donates over R500k to #IMadeADoctor

SAMA donates over R500k to #IMadeADoctor

The University of KwaZulu-Natal's medical students - battling to settle their historical debt - are breathing a sigh of relief. 

UKZN medical students

The SA Medical Association has donated R550 000 to the 'I Made A Doctor' fundraising campaign.  

The student-driven project - launched last month - and has raised over R1 million, meaning all 188 med students who need the money - can now to register. 

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UKZN's Thanduxolo Dube, who's in his final year, says the campaign's surpassed its initial target. 

"We have raised more than we thought we were going to raise and we have raised more than we need, so we are going to going back to the drawing board to then try and find ways on how we can sustain this."

"Its a working initiative, receiving support even from the likes of SAMA. We are going to be continuing with the campaign."


SAMA's Mvuyisi Mzukwa says the fund can only be sustained if other donors come forward. 

"We encourage sister associations and other sectors in business to respond to such request because we must contribute and assist in building our own country."

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