SA must invest more in local goods: Ramaphosa

SA must invest more in local goods: Ramaphosa

President Cyril Ramaphosa  says we need to invest more in local goods. 

Sandile Zikhali
He says excessive imports are a threat to the economy.  

Ramaphosa addressed clothing and textile union, Sactwu's congress at the Durban ICC yesterday.

He said buying local keeps factories open and creates jobs, adding that strict measures have been put in place to keep illegal goods out.

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"Sars has conducted a number of raids, customs officials are intercepting hundreds of millions of good that are brought in - including clothing and a whole lot of other items," he said.

Ramaphosa told delegates that between July and September this year, Sars conducted some 2,500 raids for counterfeit and illegally imported goods.

Meanwhile, the President used the platform to address the current spate of violence in South Africa. He said the country cannot be one of lawlessness.

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"There shall be rule of law in South Africa, whether people like it or not."

Ramaphosa condemned the recent attacks on foreign nationals, some of whom were accused of running drug dens.

He said the country is not a playground for criminals.

"We will not allow criminality from anyone, regardless of their nationality -- whether they are South Africans, immigrants or whether they have a particular social standing."

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"If you break the law there must be consequences," he said.

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