Registration continues at UKZN amid class suspensions

Registration continues at UKZN amid class suspensions

While the academic programme at all UKZN campuses remains suspended the university says registration for both undergraduate and post-graduate studies is continuing. 

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It's urging students to complete the process as soon as possible.

But Howard College campus post-graduate student, Nhlanhla Mazibuko says this is impossible when students from poor communities are expected to pay thousands of historical debt to get clearance to register.

"Some of them had NSFAS before becoming a post-graduate. The university or NSFAS is not funding post-graduate students, especially for honours and masters who will have to look for their own funding, so those are the issues we are facing."

"For us to get clearance, we need to pay 15 percent of the historical debt and registration fee." 

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Mazibuko says he was promised free education and now he fears he might have to give up his studies. 

"For the past five years, I never had to pay anything, there were always concessions, that speak to us as students who come from a disadvantaged background and we able to register." 

"But this year, it's something totally new and come 14 February we will have to pack our bags and go home."

Management and the Student Representative Council will be meeting tomorrow to continue discussions on the issues raised. 

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