PRASA warns against train surfing following KwaMashu incident

PRASA warns against train surfing following KwaMashu incident

The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) has warned against children risking their lives and performing dangerous stunts at railway stations. 

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This after an incident on Tuesday where a 15-year-old sustained critical injuries after touching one of the power lines, while train surfing, in KwaMashu, north of Durban. 

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Medics say he was electrocuted and sustained electrical burns and was transported to hospital. 

PRASA KZN spokesperson, Zama Nomnganga says the community needs to intervene in ensuring that such behaviour is reported.

"As PRASA, we are doing our best, in making sure that we do campaigns at schools but now as we know that its lockdown, the schools are closed. We urge children to stay very far from the railway tracks. 

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"This new behaviour, they call it 'Izitabane' where they jump in behind the truck then ride, staff riding, also train surfing, that's all not allowed. It leads to death and also people lose their limps," says Nomnganga. 

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