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UPDATE: Police contain second explosion in Musgrave home

UPDATE: The police's explosives unit has successfully carried out a controlled explosion at a Durban house.

Controlled explosion in Essenwood Road home
Nushera Soodyal

An explosion went off at a house on Stephan Dlamini Road in Musgrave - apparently after a bouquet of flowers was delivered.

Officials discovered that the object wasn't fully detonated. Five people were injured in the incident. 

 Three of them are said to be critically hurt.

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Police on the scene say the parcel did not fully detonate. As a result, bomb experts have been working on carrying out a controlled explosion in the house.

They also say the lounge area in the double storey home has been completely damaged by the initial blast.

The street's residents gathered outside the home - hoping to get more details about the incident. Police are investigating.

Listen to the full bulletin below. 

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