PODCAST: Durban woman in Wuhan coronavirus lockdown speaks out

PODCAST: Durban woman in Wuhan coronavirus lockdown speaks out

As the coronavirus death toll climbs to over 100, South Africans in China say they are living in fear.

Jocelyn Potgieter China

Durban woman, Jocelyn Potgieter who works as a primary school teacher in the Hubei province where the pneumonia-like virus emerged, says she has been forced to lock herself indoors for the past week.

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Potgieter says she lives a few kilometres from the seafood market where Chinese officials say the virus is likely to have emerged from. 

"I am actually two kilometres away from the very fish market where this virus started," she says. 

She says taking extra precautions has been keeping her safe so far.

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"I obviously wear masks. I wear gloves. I boil the masks when I get home to make sure that if I am exposed to anything - when I throw the mask away it's not going to spread," she says. 

Listen to the full interview below: 

China has postponed the start of the new term for schools and universities across the country over concerns about the deadly outbreak. 

More than 4 000 people are infected. Meanwhile, health authorities in Germany and Canada have for the first time confirmed cases of the virus. 

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