Pmb K9 Unit mourns police dog

Pmb K9 Unit mourns police dog

The Pietermaritzburg K9 Unit is mourning the loss of one of their canine members.


Three-year-old Brynmore died after being knocked over by a truck while pursuing suspected cattle thieves in Pietermaritzburg on Friday morning.

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Pietermaritzburg K9 Unit Commander, Brian Oberholzer, says Brynmore spent his entire police dog career working with his handler, Constable Farhaad Ishmael - who'd also donated the dog to the unit.

Oberholzer says Constable Ishmael is devastated.

“It is shocking, it is heartbreaking for us. We go through this on a regular basis. The dog is like a member. He is part of us Everyone knows whose dog is whose and everyone knows the bond the handler and the dog share, how they fit together,” he says, “The member himself has actually had the dog since he was a puppy. He donated him to the police and trained him himself. It’s been really tough for him. He actually bought the puppy for himself and then when he was on course, decided to donate him”.

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