Phoenix triple murder: Husband testifies as trial begins in High Court

Phoenix triple murder: Husband testifies as trial begins in High Court

The trial of the man accused of murdering a Phoenix mother and her two daughters continues in the Durban High Court today.  

Phoenix triple murder Govindsamys
45-year-old Collin Pillay, who says he had an affair with Jane Govindasamy, was arrested a few days after the murders.   

The bodies of Govindasamy and her daughters, 22-year-old Denisha and 16-year-old Nikita were found in their home in September.

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Sagren Govindasamy, the husband and father of the victims, began testifying yesterday.

He told the court his relationship with his wife was sound at the time of the murders.

Amanda Hulley, Pillay's attorney, questioned Govindasamy on his relationship with his wife.

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She asked him whether he had been having an affair of his own.

He denied this, saying he had only been texting another woman and that his wife confronted her over it.

Hulley then said Nikita had told somebody her parents had been fighting days before the murders.

Govindasamy again denied the allegation.

Meanwhile, Pillay pleaded not guilty to the charges of murder and theft yesterday.

The tow-truck driver claims he had been gambling and stopped at a shop to buy cigarettes and cooldrink at the time of the crimes.

The State will argue that Pillay had been upset that Jane may have been in another relationship and planned to kill her and her daughters.

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