'People have tried to kill me': Zuma

'People have tried to kill me': Zuma

Former president Jacob Zuma says there have been numerous attempts to assassinate him.


He's made the claims before the Zondo Commission of Inquiry - saying people have been sent from outside the country to kill him.

"I have survived attempts to kill me, people looking to poison me or being instructed by their handlers to do so. At some point they felt I am not disappearing and therefore they must deal with me," Zuma said. 

Zuma says one attempt on his life was quite recent.

"Just recently, there was a function in Durban where the maskandis wanted to fill the stadium. Some of those people will one day know - they planned to murder me inside the stadium. What saved my life is that I did not go there." 

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Meanwhile - evidence leader at the Zondo Commission of Inquiry, Advocate Paul Pretorius has outlined what the commission seeks to establish from Zuma evidence.

"Your invitation invited to Mr Zuma to answer questions in relation to those matters. The wording of the invitation is specific, its matters raised by the witnesses which have mentioned Mr. Zuma or are related to him in one way or another. Ultimately, it's Mr. Zuma's knowledge, experience and own alleged involvement in matters raised before this Commission that we seek to investigate further."

President Jacob Zuma has hit back at one of the witnesses who has implicated him at the state capture inquiry.

"What made comrade Ngwakho to behave the way he did here - saying that I have auctioned the country, that I just do what I like in the NEC. He is carrying out an instruction. He was recruited when he was a student in Lesotho to be a spy." 

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