Parliament adopts land expropriation report

Parliament adopts land expropriation report

Parliament has adopted the Joint Constitutional Review Committee's report which recommends amending the Constitution - to enable land expropriation without compensation.

Cyril Ramaphosa addressing parliament
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The results of the vote were read out by Deputy Speaker,  Lechesa Tsenoli.

"There are no abstentions, there are 91 nos and 209 yeses. The report is agreed to," Tsenoli said

The committee held public hearings throughout the country earlier this year after an EFF motion to amend the constitution was passed in the national assembly. 

The ANC supported the motion.

During the debate this afternoon, EFF leader, Julius Malema said white people are opposed to the move because they are only interested in safeguarding their interests and privilege. 

"The white people who came - poor or rich - came in unison and opposed the expropriation of land without compensation. The reality is that where white interest and privilege is threatened, they protect one another. They don't care whether the other one is in the wrong or not," Malema said.  

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The Freedom Front Plus' Pieter Mulder warned against expropriation without compensation.

"Expropriation without compensation is a very powerful tool and threat in the hands of any government until you actually use it. Then it becomes a poisoned chalice and the real trouble starts. We are in this mess because the EFF tricked the ANC on the 27th of February to support their motion in this House. I warned the ANC Chief Whips but they didn't listen. From that moment on, the EFF had the initiative and the ANC followed," Mulder said.   

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