Out of burial space: Msunduzi presses ahead with 'unsuitable' graveyard

Out of burial space: Msunduzi presses ahead with 'unsuitable' graveyard

With burial space running out - Msunduzi says it's decided to use a piece of land it acquired as a cemetery despite it being found not suitable for burial.


The land was bought several years at an inflated price of R23 million.

An investigation has revealed it's actually valued at R3 million. 

Municipal Manager, Madoda Khathide says following the findings some officials linked to the purchase have been shown the door.

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He says after much debate a decision was taken to press ahead with using it as a graveyard for now.

"It was a principled decision made by the council to say because of the shortage of space, let's continue and bury - while we allow for law enforcement agencies to actually finalise the matter.

"If the MM was accosted to go - at that time - to court and actually reserve the transaction, then I've requested legal to give me an opinion on that one so that when we submit the full report to council which will be requested than we can give a balanced view."

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