Official: Ugu's water cuts caused by blockage

Official: Ugu's water cuts caused by blockage

Ugu officials say they've identified the problems in their water system that has been causing supply issues - and are busy fixing it. 

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But for residents who've had to rely on bottled water and storage tanks intermittently for weeks - it's something that should've been dealt with a long time ago. 

A mum of a nine-month-old baby, Megan Geddes feels the local municipality isn't trying hard enough.

"We are an absolutely broken and frustrated community. We don't know where to turn to or who to turn to anymore."

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Ugu spokesperson, Frans Nzama says a blockage - restricting the flow of water from the main plant - has been identified as the source of the issue. 

"We have been working tirelessly throughout the day and night in terms of ensuring that we identify the restrictions that have been imposed on our system."

"We believe there has been some interference with our network that is supplying these areas which affect areas all the way to Hibberdene."

The Premier said yesterday that R20 million would be set aside to sort out Ugu's water supply problems.

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